Quick Answers to Health Questions

My Mobile MD is an ideal resource to help you keep your loved ones healthy and a must-have safety tool. Parents, caregivers, coaches, outdoor enthusiasts or anyone looking for fast and clear medical guidance for illness, injury and even emergency situations, can feel safe turning to My Mobile MD for answers.

My Mobile MD gives you unparalleled access to answers for all your health and safety questions, and covers a wide range of health topics for all ages, from newborns to seniors. My Mobile MD is loaded with features including an extensive medications guide to help you understand your medications, and a special function that allows you to check medications that you or your loved ones are taking, for dangerous interactions.

How Can My Mobile MD Help Me?

My Mobile MD provides answers for all types of questions. The following are
some examples of how you can use My Mobile MD to keep your family healthy and safe:

Q: My Dad is taking Coumadin after a stroke. Can he take aspirin
for a headache?
A: Use the Medication Interactions Generator to read how both increase anticoagulation which creates the potential for dangerous interaction.

Q: My child has had diarrhea for over 24 hours. Should I worry
about dehydration?
A: Refer to the illness section to learn about signs of dehydration
and when to call your pediatrician.

Features of MyMobile MD

First Aid is a comprehensive resource covering a spectrum of topics, from emergency situations to caring for family illnesses and injuries.
Tips for how to keep your family safe, prevent injury and for how to prepare for situations that may arise unexpectedly.
High resolution images covering human anatomy, poisonous plants and animals, as well as preventative and procedural techniques such as basic life support.
A medications database which includes information about the storage, potential side effects and even the overdose management of your medications.
A user-friendly tool for checking medication, herbal and food combinations for potentially harmful or dangerous interactions.
Metric conversion and medical calculators, including calculators for everything from body mass index and ideal weight, to the expected delivery date of your baby.
Other features include a Medical and Legal Reference for topics such as living wills and patient Bill of Rights; a Test Results section containing information on common

blood and screening tests; and a Records tool for storing family information.